SupaPop Studios and Beijing Immortal Master Join Forces to Co-develop SciFi Anime-fairytale MY STARLING

Jesus Figueroa
Beijing Immortal Master Animation Co. Ltd. (HQ: Beijing, CN; President: Luyang Li) and SupaPop Studios, (HQ: Los Angeles, CA; Co-CCO and President: Sean Danconia) announced on July 5 a partnership to develop "My StarLing: Dream of the Green Tea Galaxy," a children's SCIFI 3D animated fairytale, based on an original concept created by Danconia.

The project will be produced by entrepreneur Woody Wan (Babeltime, Yuwen Media) Founder and CEO of Beijing Immortal Master and famed Chinese director, Luyang Li (CCTV's 'Journey to the West', 'Pigsy Falls From Sky'). Sony Animation alum Jack Hsu (Spider-man, Lego Batman), Co-CCO at SupaPop Studios will oversee pre-production and creative development.

The newly formed venture will deliver 52 x 11 minute episodes for the animated series along with a 360-degree international licensing program. 
"We believe that there is a secret sauce that will appeal to both markets, East and West, if the story is built from the ground up in a truly cooperative manner," Woody Wan said. "When we met Jack and Sean, we felt that there was both an understanding and deep appreciation for Chinese culture embedded into the 'My StarLing' IP. This was the core foundation that we were looking for."
The series will be co-financed by BIM and Yuwen Media, distributed worldwide by both Beijing Immortal Master and SupaPop Studios.

"My StarLing" tells the inspirational story of StarLing ('Star Ling'), a little girl living on an idealized planet long settled by Chinese spacefarers, who must return to earth to save her beloved civilization. 

StarLing soon finds herself boldly going where no ten-year-old galaxy explorer, aspiring chef and mahjong champion has gone before.

Throughout StarLing's adventures, we'll meet and become BFFs with a myriad of heroic and humorous characters inspired by Chinese legends and mythology—reimagined for a worldwide audience. 
"We believe that China, with its rich history, must tell stories about itself to share with its own people and, of course—with us. StarLing was birthed from that hope to create a Chinese-themed character brand that would resonate with an international audience, while staying true to its cultural heritage," Jack Hsu said.
With this project, Beijing Immortal Master will continue to fulfill its mission of infusing wonder and discovery into their growing library of intellectual property. 

While SupaPop Studios will gain entry into one of the world's top markets, hungry for character-based IP and product. 

Their combined visions sees a future of StarLing anime, consumer goods, gaming and experiential venues, from retail stores to theme parks.

Pushing the latter front, SupaPop Studios' "Space" division headed by Blue Sky Hospitality's Henry Chebaane, will focus on developing 'StarLing' themed restaurants, hotels and "Réalité Virtuelle" experiences.

Beijing Immoral Master Animation is a creative group, focused on children's IP, toy development and derivative licensing opportunities, led by "SUPER BABY", their flagship brand.

SupaPop Studios is a creative lab and brand-incubator focused on the development of cutting-edge IP, transforming art & story into experiential entertainment, media properties, retail products and hospitality spaces.

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