Following HBO's dismissal, PHub offers to produce adult shows

Jesus Figueroa

Official statement from Pornhub VP Corey Price:
"It's a shame to see HBO rid itself of its late-night adult programming, and we consider classic shows such as 'Taxicab Confessions' and 'Real Sex,' among others, to be vestiges of a bygone era. Here at Pornhub, with over 90 million daily visitors, we can attest to the continued demand for adult programming and think there is immense value in the promotion and consumption of sex positive shows. That said, we would like to extend an offer to help produce new seasons of the informative skin-baring programs and host them on our HD, on-demand platform Pornhub Premium. We would also be willing to house past seasons of said programs on Pornhub Premium for our fans to enjoy 24/7. At the end of the day we're all about penetrating new markets, and we're excited to insert ourselves into this discussion and hopefully provide more compelling original content for our fans."  

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