MORNING, NOON & NIGHT by Josh Becker opens in LA on October 5

Writer/director/producer Josh Becker's new feature "MORNING, NOON & NIGHT" opens in Los Angeles on October 5.

"MORNING, NOON & NIGHT" explores a day-in-the-life of six people battling different addictions.

The characters feel all too familiar as they could be your neighbor, your family or even yourself.

The film functions as a mirror as it examines three college students, a history teacher, a lawyer and a top executive as they struggle to make it through a single day.

Becker, a Detroit native, is a veteran director who has directed nine episodes of "Xena: Warrior Princess" as well as five independent feature films with horror legend Bruce Campbell starring in "ALIEN APOCALYPSE," one of SyFy network's highest-rated original movies, "RUNNING TIME" and "LUNATICS: A LOVE STORY."

Opens In Los Angeles On October 5