#Thisfunktional #Giveaway: YA VEREMOS advanced screenings

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Thisfunktional has some advance screening passes to give away for "Ya Veremos," which in theaters August 31.

Find your city and grab the tickets while they are available, once they are gone they are gone.

August 21 @ 7:30PM
Edward Marq*E Stadium 23
7600 Katy Freeway 
Houston, TX 77024

August 29 @ 7:30PM
San Jose
AMC Eastridge Mall 15
2190 Eastridge Loop
San Jose, CA 95122

August 29 @ 7:30PM
San Diego
AMC Mission Valley 20
1640 Camino del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92108

August 29 @ 7:30PM
El Paso
Cinemark Tinseltown USA
11855 Gateway Boulevard West 
El Paso, TX 79936

August 29 @ 7:30PM
AMC Sunset Place
5701 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL 33143

August 20 @ 7:30PM
AMC Northpark 15
8687 North Central Expressway 
Dallas, TX 75225

From the Director of “Pulling Strings” and “A La Mala” (Pitipol Ybarra,) “YA VEREMOS” tells the story of Santi (Emiliano Aramayo), a preteen who, is dealing with the recent separation of his parents, Rodrigo (Mauricio Ochmann) and Alejandra (Fernanda Castillo). 

Despite their divorce, Santi’s parents are both desperately devoted to their son. 

When the three learn that Santi has a medical condition that could jeopardize his eyesight, Santi’s father encourages him to make a list of places and things he wants to see and do before losing his sight completely. 

Santi immediately obliges with an elaborate list but with one condition – the estranged couple must come together to help him fulfill his dreams. 

As the three embark on the amazing, sometimes whacky adventure, the couple must learn how to live together for the sake of their son. 

But, will the adventure open their eyes and make separating impossible? We’ll see.

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