Watch the trailer for CROWN AND ANCHOR in select US theaters starting Sept 12

Forced to return home for his mother’s funeral, police officer James Downey (Michael Rowe) finds his estranged cousin Danny Power (Matt Wells) trying to survive his abusive criminal father. 

Danny is way over his head, the victim of the sad cycle of addiction and violence he was born into. 

James’ traumas come back to haunt him as he attempts to save what is left of the family he once desperately tried to escape.

Andrew Rowe - Writer/Director/Story

Andrew Rowe has always been obsessed with movies. As a five year-old, he thought that the greatest job ever would be to work at a video store. It wasn't about the free rentals, it was because he naively thought that's where movies were made. As he learned about his early passion for film, he narrowed his focus on the role of the director, fascinated with the idea that directors imprint their films with their own style and personal vision. He sought out and viewed films by Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Altman, Jonathan Demme, Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter and many more. Becoming a writer and director became his focus. After earning a B.A. in history in 2006, he left his hometown of St. John's, Newfoundland to attend film school in Vancouver, British Columbia. When he got there, though, he took a detour and invested his tuition money in equipment and his time in learning by doing. He started writing comedy sketches to produce low budget shorts. In 2008, he formed the comedy troupe Wild Driver and wrote, directed, performed in and edited over 25 digital shorts.

In 2011, Andrew won the Best Writing and Best Acting Ensemble awards at the Vancouver 24-Hour Film Festival. His film, "Lies," became one of the audience's top five favorites and earned second place among the judges' top five films selection. In 2012, his script for "Sleepy Stories" was selected to be made by the Crazy8s Film Event. A hit at Crazy8s, it went on to screen at the Whistler and the Atlantic Film Festivals. In December 2014, his script and pitch won the prestigious MPPIA Short Film Award, which offers the largest bursary for short films in Canada and provided him production funding for his critically acclaimed, award-winning short film, "Vehicular Romanticide." Crown and Anchor marks his feature film debut.