INGOBERNABLE Season 2‘s high intensity raises the bar for Kate del Castillo

Written by Jesus Figueroa

As season 2 of “Ingobernable” premieres on Netflix on Sept. 14, actress and producer Kate Del Castillo hopes to be able to tell more of this fast-paced, high-intensity story.

Del Castillo said she hopes there will be more seasons because she is having a fantastic time telling the story of Emilia.

Although season 1 had some major twists season 2 starts off with more psychologically impactful scenes and the story get even more intense, according to del Castillo.

Season 2 has an opportunity to go dark and make even more social commentary, even though del Castillo said reality is stranger than fiction and viewers should learn to distinguish each one separately.

In season 2 Emilia has nothing left to lose, del Castillo said. Things can get more intense in a situation like that.

Season 1 of “Ingobernable” premiered with del Castillo playing a character who is a strong female lead, but is not stereotypical.

Hispanics are usually strong characters when they are assistants or villains, but del Castillo played someone that holds her own.

Del Castillo said was incredible to get to play a smart, strong, female character that wasn’t sexualized.

“Ingobernable” season 2 starts right where season 1 ended.

Del Castillo is captured and has been coerced into taking responsibility for the assassination of her husband, who was the president of Mexico.

Castillo said now the audience has to see if Emilia can keep herself from going to prison.

PHOTO CREDIT: Juan Pablo Gutiérrez/Netflix

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Season 2 Premieres Sept. 14 on Netflix