Michel + Olivier Gondry's eight short films, eight seconds long showing LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES

Jesus Figueroa

"LAS VEGAS LOVE STORIES" concept stemmed from the study that proves that while technology has enabled human interactions to be at an all-time high, the average attention span is at an all-time low, dropping to just 8 seconds. 

Fortunately, studies also prove that 8 seconds is all it takes to fall in love (well, 8.2 to be exact). 

Within this film series, the Gondry brothers explore how meaningful connections can be made within fleeting moments of time through 6 unique, 8-second feature films that pay homage to the universal feeling of falling in love. 

Partizan Entertainment and the Gondry brothers teamed up with costume designer Chanel Gibbons (Remy Ma, Demi Lovato, Zara Larsson music videos), production designer Annie Sperling (Gwen Stefani music videos), director of photography Adam Newport-Berra (HAIM, Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z and Andra Day music videos), visual effects supervisor Jean-Marc Demmer for EIGHT VFX (I, TONYA, MOTHER, STRANGER THINGS), and composer-duo Ari Balouzian + Ryan Hope (Gucci, Prada, Coca Cola video content) from Appraiser, a completely analogue studio based out of Palm Springs, CA, to bring these dynamic stories to life. 

By daring to push the envelope on the film industry and the cultural movement in storytelling in general, these 6 films are a beautiful mix of live action and stunning visual effects that were all shot at the Park MGM. 

Each film transforms micro moments of surrealist romance into must-see films that feel just as complete as a full-length feature.

List of shorts:
“It Is Decidedly So”
8 REFERENCE: Answer on the Eight Ball
Faced with the joy of a newlywed couple in Las Vegas, a woman's emotions take her on the ride of her life when she spots a man from afar.

“Room 802”
8 REFERENCE: Room number
Two best friends see each other in a new light after a night out in Las Vegas.

“The Big Eight”
8 REFERENCE: Number in the title
A woman spots love in first sight at a Las Vegas craps table and rolls the dice with one wish in mind.
“No Ordinary August”
8 REFERENCE: Month of the year
A couple dives into their emotions in a Las Vegas resort pool.
“Night of the Scorpio”
8 REFERENCE: Zodiac sign
An unstoppable force brings two people together to send sparks flying through the night in Las Vegas.

“Our Infinity”
8 REFERENCE: Infinity sign
After falling in love in a Las Vegas resort, a woman struggles with the uncertainty of her new romance.

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