Actor Javier Botet enjoyed embodying the legendary SLENDER MAN

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The unique look of actor Javier Botet made him a perfect fit for the lead role of slender man in Sony Pictures' "Slender Man."

Having made an impact in the horror genre as the actor behind several monsters in movie franchises, Botet wasn't surprised to be offered the role of Slender man, but he was thrilled at the opportunity to play a monster that is widely known.

Having known the legend of Slender man, Botet felt that his experience in the horror industry and his look being so similar to that of what Slender man is supposed to look like, he was the ideal person to embody the character.

All horror movies look to cast the best person to play the monsters and the search for slender man lead to Botet who already had the physique for the character.

No horror movie is complete without the right cast, the characters that are stalked by the Slender man are fantastically casted and create the realistic feeling of friendship.

Botet had to go through a makeup process to get the look down, but feels that the story is much more than what the source material was and the character was already larger than life.

With so much source material – from shorts and indie films to a documentary on crimes attributed to Slender man – the makeup helped make the character, but the background research and the writing made the character what it was in the movie, Botet learned many things about the legend of Slender man which added pressure to the task of playing the role of Slender man.

Being over prepared made the task of playing Slender man in a terrifying manner difficult but enjoyable, Botet said, but the prior experience as the monsters he has embodied made him feel prepared to take on the task of Slender man.

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