THE NARCOS: MEXICO Experience open now

The [crop] pop-up ‘marijuana maze’ opens today in Manhattan - an immersive event combining historical storytelling and photo-friendly moments to transport fans into the new series

In New York City, Netflix is bringing the world (and history) of the new series "Narcos: Mexico" to life with "The Narcos: Mexico Experience," open now. 

Keeping in the autumnal spirit, the free event features an artificial corn marijuana maze - a nod to “The Rockefeller of Marijuana” Miguel Felix Gallardo and the DEA’s burning of his cannabis field (which was one of the biggest drug seizures in history).

Guests will be transported back to the 80s in Guadalajara - choosing to walk the path of the DEA or the cartel as they navigate a mirror-clad maze, wafting with the smell of cannabis. 

"The Narcos: Mexico Experience" features photo-friendly moments, dope swag and an eye opening experience of the historical occurrences reflected in the new series...and since no marijuana maze is complete without munchies, we’ve got churros, Mexican hot chocolate and tequila to keep guests warm and in the "Narcos: Mexico" spirit.

This 21+ free experiential event on the rooftop of City Vineyard (233 West Street) is open to the public November 15 and November 16 (11 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. ET) and November 17 (11 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET). 

"Narcos: Mexico" premieres worldwide November 16 on Netflix.