2018's Most Searched Show on Viki

One of 2018’s most googled TV shows is "Story of Yanxi Palace," a Chinese period drama set in the 18th century during the Qing dynasty. 

It topped the list for the most-trending TV series worldwide. 

Viewers can binge the series on Viki, the leading streaming destination for international TV series, complete with professional English subtitles.

More info and details on new releases and what’s to come in January – including a Viki Original, “The Best Chicken.”

Viki December- January Programming

VIKI ORIGINAL: The Best Chicken - Available 1/2/19

One day, Park Choi Go (Park Sun Ho), decides to quit his job at a big company and open up his own chicken restaurant at what used to be a bathhouse. Seo Bo Ah (Kim So Hye), an aspiring webtoon writer who secludes herself in the bathhouse, can't accept that the building she inherited from her grandfather is turning into a chicken restaurant. To take her inheritance back, she becomes Park Choi Go's employee along with Andrew Kang (Joo Woo Jae), a once promising chef who is now homeless.Can Park Choi Go become the ultimate chicken master and achieve his dream? "The Best Chicken" is a 2018 Viki Original South Korean romantic comedy drama directed by Lee Seung Hoon.

“Tokyo Tarareba Girls” – Available on Viki now

“I spent my precious youth making “tarareba” (when-if) excuses, and now it’s gone…” The hit comic series that saw over 1.8 million copies printed throughout Japan has now been remade into a drama! Rinko Kamata, 30 years old, is unmarried and doesn't even have a boyfriend. Her job: (struggling) screenwriter. With both her career and love life not going well, Rinko indulges herself in a string of "Girls Night Out" shindigs with close friends Kaori and Koyuki. "When I become pretty, I'm sure an even better guy will come along!" "If I fall in love with the guy, then I can marry him!" Just when the ladies were absorbed in their lively "tarareba" (when-if) conversation, a young, blonde and handsome man suddenly shows up and scolds them "You tarareba women!" Just like that, the ladies are given a harsh reality check. "I thought that if I really wanted it, I could get the ideal career and love life." "Are we no longer 'girls'?" Such was the painful truth that smacked them in the face. Women across the generations will surely relate to these ladies, who search for happiness despite all the struggles in life. "Tokyo Tarareba Girls" is a drama that is sure to hit very close to home, 100% guaranteed!

Swim!” – Available on Viki now

“I want to swim faster!” That’s the only thought in the minds of these high school jocks. Shuhei, Daiki and Reo are obsessed with only one thing--swimming. They pour their heart and soul into passing the entrance exam for Ryuho High School, a private academy renowned for its top-notch swim team. In the process, they end up hurting each other's feelings. One guy gets into Ryuho, but the other two wind up at Higashigaoka High School, where the swim team is on the brink of shutting down. Just when it seemed like the three guys would never hang out again, Kawasaki, a swimmer they all admire, becomes the coach of the Higashigaoka High School swim team. Things are just about to get interesting... The Higashigaoka High School swim team shrank drastically after several seniors graduated. Juniors Shuhei, the captain who looks after his teammates like an older brother, Daiki, a pure and innocent guy who doesn't say much, and Haruyoshi Koganei, who is macho in the inside but actually quite girly, need to find five new swimmers to prevent being kicked out of the team. Frantic, they go on a recruiting frenzy. Meanwhile, the team at Ryuho, a regular fixture at the national high school championships, is being led by the hardworking Homare Nishina. Teammates Ichitora Jingu, a genius in the water, an equally-talented Reo Fujikawa, and the friendly-yet-speedy Mitsuki Taira, all join him as they train tirelessly day and night to become the national champions. Things were looking better at Higashigaoka as only two new guys were needed to save the team. Yuta Taki is a bluntly honest experienced swimmer and Daniel Harada is a handsome princely guy (when he keeps his mouth shut) who can't swim at all! What's more, Ryoya Kawasaki, a former national champion, signs up to coach the team. Just what will happen when you assign an iconic coach to watch over a bunch of guys with colorful characters?! Look no further for a comical high school story that is sure to ignite the fire in your heart!

“Pretty Proofreader” – Available on Viki now

Etsuko's lifelong dream is to become an editor for a fashion magazine. She's applied numerous times while taking on part-time jobs to make ends meet, but to no avail. Then finally, she bags an offer from a large publishing house, only to find out that she's been assigned to the least glamorous department in the company--the Proofreading Department! Not easily discouraged, Etsuko dons a flashy ensemble and heads off to her proofreading job. Etsuko is the type of woman who isn't satisfied unless she meticulously investigates every single issue, and it reflects on her unique proofreading style, which is so bold and daring that is leads to one trouble after another! Whether it's forcing her way into uncharted places that are difficult to enter, or infiltrating a crime scene that's being investigated by a tabloid so she can get the facts herself, Etsuko goes all-out to take proofreading to new dimensions!

“Your Home is my Business!” – Available on Viki now

The best real estate agent will do anything for her clients to close the sale! Machi Sangenya (Keiko Kitagawa) is a 30-year-old real estate professional who takes her job very seriously. She is no nonsense and doesn’t crack a smile when there is work to be done. Almost every real estate deal has unforeseen issues and obstacles that threaten to derail the transaction, but Machi has a fail-proof way of closing 100 percent of her sales. How is that possible? Machi throws herself into the lives of all her clients and their families. Whatever issue, problem or conflict arises with her clients, Machi is right there to get to the heart of it and resolve it. Her clients then happily go through with the purchase of the home!

Are there any clients that Machi can’t handle? “Your Home Is My Business” is a 2016 Japanese television series directed by Ryuichi Inomata and Noriyoshi Sakuma. It was followed by the sequel “Your Home is My Business! Returns” (2017).

“May I Blackmail You?” – Available on Viki now

“Blackmailer”— the shady hero who saves people using evil tactics vs The ultimate goody two-shoes “princess girlfriend” "May I blackmail you?" It all started with a suspicious video that was suddenly sent to her house. In it, a masked man who calls himself "Blackmailer" facetiously claims that he has taken her "boyfriend" hostage. If his life is precious to her, she needs to pay ransom to save him. "But wait a minute... I've never even had a boyfriend," she recalls. This bizarre case of mistaken identity sparks the beginning of fun-filled days for "Blackmailer" Senkawa, "girlfriend material goody two-shoes" Mio, and their friends. Using blackmail to solve problems, "Blackmailer" is a "professional villain" who takes on cases that the police and investigators can't handle. When not busy being a "hero of darkness" who uses "evil" to save people, he's an easy-to-flatter sedentary guy with an odd fashion sense. He loves to make silly jokes, but nobody pays him any attention. The "princess," on the other hand, is a college student who has never had a boyfriend. Although she lives a simple life, she's actually a super rich kid who can easily throw down hundreds of thousands of dollars whenever she wants. Sweet and kind, she's definitely girlfriend material. The slightest bit of evil bothers her, and she often sticks her nose into the problems of strangers. Two polar opposites who should have never crossed paths end up getting involved in numerous cases. Follow them as they solve one problem after another in this poppy crime mystery!

The Longest Day in Chang An - COMING SOON!

Li Mi is the head of Chang’an’s anti-terror department and is tasked with investigating a group of mysterious Turks who have infiltrated the city. Zhang Xiao Jing is a former Imperial army officer turned constable who is currently in prison after breaking the law, though is set free because Li Mi believes he is the only person who can solve the mystery. Zhang Xiao Jing’s familiarity with the city’s alleyways and the habits of the Turks leads him to the conclusion that their ultimate goal is to create havoc during the Lantern Festival. With less than a day left before the event, the two must race against time to protect the capital and its people.