Best-selling author TJ Hoisington writes new Swiss Family Robinson book with 12-year-old daughter Kyla Hoisington

Jesus Figueroa

When TJ Hoisington was writing "Return to Robinson Island" in 2015 (available on, he would tuck his two daughters in bed and tell them an adventure story. 

The story was about two sisters named Zoey and Katie. 

One day, the sisters went into the woods near their home to build a treehouse when they were spooked by what they thought was a bear. 

The sisters were so scared that they fled deeper into the woods – farther than they had gone before – and they hid behind an enormously large tree.

While hiding behind the tree, the sisters noticed several stones on the ground began to glow bright yellow. 

The girls backed away from the tree amazed when thirty seconds later, they noticed a door form on the trunk of the tree. 

Curious, they decided to step through the door, which sent them back in time to the year 1817. 

They were transported to "Robinson Island" in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

To their surprise, the girls met Swiss Family Robinson. 

It wasn't a dream after all. 

They had heard stories of the Swiss Family Robinson from their dad (TJ Hoisington) who wrote about the Swiss Family Robinsons. 

Through a series of surprising adventures, eventually, the girls and the rest of the Hoisington family go back in time, to help save the Swiss Family Robinson from impending harm.
This book began when daughter Kyla Hoisington asked, (TJ) "Dad, I want to be an author like you." 
TJ Hoisington responded with, "OK. But writing a book is not easy and you have to be willing to pay the price." Kyla responded with, "I can do it. What do I need to do?"
"Do you remember the story I would tell you about you and your sister going back in time and meeting the Swiss Family Robinson?" TJ asked. She remembered, TJ continued, "If you write the first set of chapters as you imagine it, then I'll know you are serious, and we will write a book together." 
She agreed and two months and twenty-eight chapters later, the new adventure was born.

"The Swiss Family Robinson Secret Discovery" to be released 2019 T.B.A.

Appropriate for readers ages 11+

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