Delegates from the Curacao foundation to assist humanitarians at the migrant caravan in Tijuana

In response to the humanitarian crisis at the Tijuana border where more than 5,000 central American migrants are in dire need of shelter, clothing, food and legal representation, a coalition including representatives from Curacao Foundation, El Rescate and Honduran United of Los Angeles will assist at the Salesian Project and the El Barretal Shelter in Tijuana, on December 8 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the purpose of providing legal counseling, legal workshops and giving children, women and adolescents clothing, food and humanitarian assistance.

In addition, the Curacao Foundation, El Rescate and Tu Visión Foundation will collectively donate $10,000 and raise additional funds from December 10, 2018 ending on January 26, 2019 to help these thousands of migrants through El Rescate Facebook page and GoFundMe page.
"This is a humanitarian crisis. These are people who are fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries and they need our help to navigate the complicated legal process. This is yet another effort that showcases Curacaos' commitment to the community," Curacao Foundation Director Sophia Cortez said.
About Curacao:
The Curacao Foundation was established in 2001. It is a private foundation dedicated to building a future in which communities are financially strong, socially empowered, respected and included. The Curacao Foundation supports a broad range of community partner organizations through general operation and program grants. Much of the grant making focus of the Foundation is on organizations and institutions within a 10-mile radius surrounding each Curacaoretail location and in organizations focusing in health/well-being, education and immigration. For more information:

About El Rescate:
El Rescate empowers immigrants, in particular Latinos, to improve their political and economic wellbeing in order to promote their full participation as citizens.

About Tu Visión Foundation:
Tu Vision Foundation's mission it to assist, uplift, and empower the Spanish speaking world community through crucial rebuilding projects, training, legal assistance, and reuniting families in need.

About Hondureños Unidos en Los Angeles:
Hondureños Unidos of Los Angeles (HULA) was established in 2000 with the purpose to assist Honduran immigrants in their immigration and social needs as well as to promote the cultural roots of this community in Southern California.

About SALEF:
The Salvadoran American Leadership and Education Fund (SALEF) was established 27 years ago, with the purpose of providing free scholarships to students in the Southern California area and help them with leadership skills. With its civic programs, SALEF also help in promoting citizenship for immigrants and participates in humanitarian efforts for Central Americans in times of crisis.

About Clinica Oscar Romero:
The Oscar Romero Clinic was established in 1983 to provide medical services to the Central American refugee community of Los Angeles. Currently Clinica Oscar Romero has services in Los Angeles and East Los Angeles where it provides healthcare services to the Latino community.