Early departure for actress Eliza Dushku from CBS' BULL ends in $9.5 million harassment claim settlement

Actress Eliza Dushku, known for her work in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," signed on as what was meant to be a long standing character on CBS' "Bull" but was abruptly written off after confronting lead actor Michael Weatherly, over sexual remarks.

In what we now know as a confidential $9.5 million harassment claim settlement, Eliza Dushku was paid by CBS in the amount of what would have been her paycheck for her expected lengthy stint on "Bull."

Ms. Dushku's settlement came as a result of confronting Weatherly over multiple inappropriate comments and jokes made towards Dushku while on set.

The comments were sexual in nature, making Dushku uncomfortable and embarrassed.

After other set members began following Weatherly's lead and confronted Dushku with sexual "humor," she confessed her concerns to the show's producer and writer Glenn Gordon Caron and Weatherly directly.

Soon after expressing her concerns, she was written off of the show.

Carney Shegerian, the founder of Los Angeles-based employee rights law firm Shegerian & Associates, has weighed in on the settlement.
"The harassment claim settlement by CBS shows the need for employers to curb sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the workplace," Shegerian said. "Following the #MeToo movement, more allegations have come to light, but there's still a serious need for further actions to be taken." 
Dushku's settlement became public because of a recent investigation into CBS'  Leslie Moonves, and sexual misconduct allegations made against him by multiple women.

After investigating, the lawyers determined that not only was Dushku's case mishandled, but it reflected a much larger dynamic of putting the corporation before the victim when it came to internal issues or investigations of misconduct.