Hollow Leg release HUNTER AND THE HUNTED

Jesus Figueroa

Sludge metal band HOLLOW LEG have released their new song "Hunter and the Hunted" over at Doomed and Stoned. 

The song is taken from their upcoming album Civilizations which will be released in January via Argonauta Records.

Listen to the song here: doomedandstoned.com/post/181221529778/hollowleg

Pre-order the album here: argonautarecords.com/shop/en/home/306-hollow-leg-civilizations-lp-cd.html

Hollow Leg is the sort of demented sludge behemoth that makes the faint of heart tremble and shake. 

Having emerged from the Florida swamps, this isn’t just another heavy band trying to suck at the teat of a bloated scene. 

Rather these Psycho Las Vegas veterans have made a name for themselves as weathered professionals, both on the road and in the studio. 

Blending American blues with English heavy metal, Hollow Leg have refined a sound that is colored with the influences of everyone from Janes Addiction and Faith No More to Eyehategod by way of Judas Priest.

Once called, “fluid in its groove and molasses-thick in tone” by the Obelisk, Hollow Leg have been methodical in their tour approach and consistent with their recorded output. 

This fall will see the release of Civilizations on Argonauta Records, the bands fourth album in eight years and third studio release since 2016. 

The group recorded it all in their own studio and self produced, eventually being mixed and mastered by Kent Stump of Wo Fat. 

With huge ambitions and deep roots, Hollow Leg have found themselves playing multiple Maryland Doom Fests.

Cranking out crushing riffs left and right in the nations seedy dive bars as well as alongside titans like Amon Amarth and Enslaved, this band is a veritable train kept a’ rollin’. 

Unafraid to evolve, having even shifted from being a duo to a four piece, this is a group who constantly push for bigger and better things. 

Greater than the sum of their parts and constantly expanding their sound, Hollow Leg have the drive and ambition needed to become lords of the stoner metal underground.

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