Need proof that the world is ready for Love?

Here It Is. 24 Million Views In 24 Hours. Transformational Artist Goes Viral With His Poem About Love 

Adam Roa's spoken word poem "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" is asking us to spread one very important message - CHOOSE LOVE.

In this digital age, it is many artist's dream to have their art go viral. 

For Roa this dream is to embrace the use of media as medicine, to change the world by empowering as many humans as possible to choose love in every moment.

When he woke up a couple of days ago to see that Goalcast had spontaneously shared his poem, which had generated over 24 million views in 24 hours, the message was loud and clear - the world is ready for love and is HUNGRY for authentic and uplifting content.

Now with 74 Million views and counting in only 7 days. And this is just the beginning…

In a world where we spend our lives connected to technology, it has become so easy to disconnect from our emotions and the truth of who we really are.

Adam is on a mission to change this story. With the launch of his reality YouTube series "The Art of Choosing Love"* and the power of technology, he is bringing medicine to the masses through media.*(

In each episode, Adam shares a vulnerable behind the scenes look at his real-life experiences for the world to see - from the heartbreak of ending a 10 year relationship to healing from childhood sexual abuse, him and his two friends bare it all for the world to see.

TV meets personal development with a cinematic flair - raw and unfiltered content designed to lift and inspire the world so that every human may understand what it means to choose love in every moment, even when faced with the most traumatic and challenging of circumstances.

Combining years of experience as a leadership coach and over a decade as a filmmaker and performer, Adam blends the two worlds in a way that encourages others to see life as art, with our thoughts, words and actions as each brush stroke that creates our reality.

A modern-day Medicine man, he is currently traveling the world filming his reality TV series "The Art Of Choosing Love," streaming on YouTube.