#Thisfunktional #Review: Lifetime’s thriller THE WRONG TEACHER

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Although many movies with similar premises to “The Wrong Teacher” have come along in 2018, this Lifetime movie is thrilling every step of the way.

After a Charlotte (Jessica Morris), a teacher and struggling author lacking inspiration, has a wild night with Chris (Philip McElroy), a guy she met at a bookstore, which seems to have sparked her inspiration, she is shocked to start the school year off with Chris as one of her 18-year-old high school students.

The movie is in the same storyline as “The Boy Next Door,” but has it's own spin on the thriller.

The movie is helped by the incredible acting by Morris, which is good at being the good teacher caught in a bad situation. Characteristics of the slightly naive Charlotte become heightened by how well Morris plays the character and how the main characters interact.

McElroy is creepy and brings forth an eerie feeling in the audience each time he is on screen. Along with Morris, the contrast between the characters is quickly realized and the two main characters start playing off each other to create an antagonistic relationship which carries throughout the film.

The story goes through some obvious build up and introduction to conflicts that are essential to make this movie more than a singular storyline.

The casting is one of the key elements which makes the movie work as even a brief appearance by actress Jamie Bernadette was great scene which would later help on the climax of the story.

Administrator Ms. Burns (Vivica A. Fox) is a contributor to what makes this cast cohesive along with vice principal Clark (Eric Roberts) which sets the intensity in motion.

Fox carries herself fantastically as she interacts with Morris and, although she doesn’t interact with McElroy, she impacts the story and helps inspire action from Morris.

Roberts carries intensity in his scenes and pushes McElroy to be up his intensity creating an even more frightening role of Chris.

The story may be familiar to those who enjoy thrillers, but for a Lifetime movie “The Wrong Teacher” is an entertaining watch and leads to why the movie would be titled "The Wrong Teacher."

The ending is not as shocking as it could be, but it does a good job of wrapping the entire movie up and can leave the audience wanting to know more.

Premieres On December 28, 2018 On LIFETIME