Author, electronic engineer, U.S. Army veteran George L. Babec announces new novel

'Frog Realm: Artifact of Protection' is a mystical, historical fantasy adventure

George L. Babec has unveiled his new novel "Frog Realm: Artifact of Protection." 

In his latest fantasy publication, Babec draws inspiration from his own love for adventure and his daughter's love for frogs and other animals.

The story offers a mystical and magical experience with strong female characters possessing amazing supernatural abilities. 

Driven by love and undying devotion, a young woman has to find her way and understand her abilities. 

A lost civilization of ancient days sets the scene. Deep in the jungle, an ancient power awakens. 

A young man desiring to prove himself looks to the great one before him.

Conqueror. Father. Deity.

In Necalli's world, life is a struggle of glory and sacrifice, and the youthful successor is ready to give everything he has to save his people. 

But his father, the venerated Ahau, is at heart a man not a god. 

And he's been keeping secrets.

Dark, necromantic forces are rising, for the truth has been discovered. 

Necalli finds himself heir to a shrouded past, while facing a foe he cannot hope to defeat.

Waiting in the dark recesses of time for a foretold promise. 

A weapon of unthinkable power. 

A beating heart with a burning fire within, struggling to answer the call. 

Worlds apart, yet drawn to one another. More than an ally yet less than a worrier.

Together they must find the will to stand and fight or surrender once and for all to the dark ancient artifice desiring to destroy them.

Details, including the book cover and full description, can be found at

About George L. Babec
George L. Babec is an author, electronic engineer, and U.S. Army veteran living in Knoxville, Tennessee with his family. He is the author of 'Voncara Cove', an adventurous steampunk novel with pirates, tall ships, and blazing cannons. He draws inspiration from his vivid imagination and love for adventure, as well as his experience in designing control systems for high profile platforms such as space-based laser systems. His passions include exploring new and exotic places and hiking the Smoky Mountains.