Basilysk release new song via Metal Injection

Photo credit: Matt Decker
Old-school death metal band BASILYSK have just released their new single "Molestor of Dreams" over at Metal Injection. 

The song is taken from their new album "Emergence," which will be released in February.
The band said, "Musicians and artists are constantly bombarded with negativity from the plebian collective for pursuing a career which utilizes their natural-born talents. These cancerous doubts are ignited by jelousy, pursuit of control, or because your goals are considered too unrealistic through the mundane lens. "Molester of Dreams" is about this type of psychic invasion, and also our anthem to keep fighting against the bastards."
Listen to the song here:

Josh Perrin - vocals, lead guitar, album cover
Luke Gary - guitar and backing vocals
Michael Lee Churry - drums
Jimmy Viola - bass