Controversial LatinX action film CAFE CON LECHE in Theaters January 18, 2019

Two brothers, Eduardo (Ariel Award-winner Gerardo Taracena of Netflix's NARCOS: Mexico) and Franco (Martin Santander) are torn out of each other's lives when their mother Angela Manrique-Obregon played by leyendary actress Monica Sanchez-Navarro tries to flee Mexico after discovering her husband, Alvaro Manriques' (Ariel Award-winner Jose Sefami) violent and criminal dealings.

Alvaro tracks down a pregnant Angela with a young Franco as she attempts to make contact with her best friend.

Things go awry when Alvaro's men kidnapp Angela and send her back to Mexico. Angela's friend manages to escape and takes Franco with her promising Angela she will keep him safe.

Years later, Franco is now a weathered ATF agent who is sent to work with Rebecca Salinas (Nina Senicar) and Liz Gomez (Cassandra Sanchez- Navarro).

Rebecca is Mexico City DA investigating Alvaro Manrique as a possible connection to the recent sting operations on human trafficking.

She works with Liz Gomez who is undercover looking for information on Alvaro.

Franco and Liz have a failed romance.

They reunite in Mexico where they have to learn to work together.

Franco's brother Alvaro is now a prominent real-estate developer in Mexico City as well as a big importer and exporter.

He has amassed a fortune running guns and trafficking people as well as manipulating political officials.

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