Embrace the moon with SAEVA’s atmospheric video SANGUINE RITE

Jesus Figueroa

Denver’s Saeva has released a punishing and chaotic new single "Sanguine Rite" and it is almost 7 minutes of tragic fury embracing blood sacrifice and moon worship. 

The Colorado band has been flirting with influences from a few genres since their birth under the cold moon of 2018 but remains heavily focused on black metal with sustained progressive riffs.

"Sanguine Rite" comes from the yet to be titled debut EP from Saeva, that is intended to be released later this year and according to them, it is a solid introduction to what Saeva is.
“Sanguine Rite is the third song I wrote for this project and the first lyrics I wrote for the album. I wanted the song to be brooding and heavy but gradually move. The song needed to tell a story more than the lyrics. The music ebbs and flows and the melody reprised from the intro grounds you, reminds you where you are. The lyrics are about blood sacrifice and moon worship, in Saeva we move with the moon and we respect her gravity,” N. Mercury said.
This single is melodic, aggressive, and tormented; all the things Saeva wishes to portray itself as sonically.

‘Sanguine Rite’ is available on Bandcamp.

Saeva is ritual worship of the moon and an artistic mirror of the cruelty of man. Born under the Cold Moon, MMXVIII.

Through Mercury, the hymn is given its voice and the moon’s wisdom are interpreted. We are given the space to reflect and meet ourselves with honesty and reason. In this space, we may learn to better communicate with ourselves and shatter the fallacies of ego.

Through Venus, we learn to feel while we discover passion and pleasure. Her storm is violent and fierce as it builds with thunder and lightning; her rains pour down to secure the end of manufactured monuments.

Through Pluto, we learn to find solace in darkness. Far from the Sun's gaze, a cold exterior hides away our secrets and traps them within while we come face to face with our torments. In this space, we experience extreme aggression with calming waves of reflection.

N. Mercury - Guitar, Vocals
C. Venus - Drums
J. Pluto - Guitar, Vocals

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