HELL FEST's Matt Mercurio talks having fun with a practical set

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Actor Matt Mercurio has been to a number of haunts, but none more fun than having been part of "Hell Fest."

With a set that was practice and unpredictable and a cast which Mercurio said all had so much fun together, the experience of "Hell Fest" will go on with him as he experiences new haunts after his experience in this movie.
"I'm definitely one of those people who likes to pretend and really embrace the horror and the scrapes," Mercurio said. "I think if you go in, like there's the characters that are going in withe the idea like just pretend that you aren't scared and they won't scare you, I like to fall into the illusion."
As Asher, Mercurio seemed like he had fun as the character seemed so authentically excited and the excitement resonates with the audience.

The cast was magnificent as the chemistry was there, the couples complimented each other and the story put them through situations which gave them opportunities to work off of each other.
"My favorite part about playing Asher was just that Asher is always about having a good time and bringing good vibes, which is very much my philosophy," Mercurio said. "It was most fun being able to work with Bex (Taylor-Klaus) who played my girlfriend, it was just great that we were able to bounce so many ideas off of each other cause we were so comfortable."
Mercurio was happy to put a bit of himself in the film and be able to connect with his co-stars as much as he was able to.

The collaboration within the cast was ver trusting according to Mercurio, as they all felt comfortable to suggest changes and improvise to better fit the characters and their friendships.
"In this film, we got into rehearsals early and we got a chance to become friends before we portrayed friends," Mercurio said. "We got a chance to build that chemistry and really got a chance to know each other, which made it more fun."
Mercurio had not been a stranger to haunt attractions so he knew how he is in the scary situations that could come up while filming on a set that kept things practical.

There's no telling how this exciting, thrilling movie will affect his attitude while attending, but he may be having flashbacks to "Hell Fest" when he finally gets an opportunity to go through a haunt attraction again.
"I had frequented several haunts, mostly before I was approached with this project. Always during the Halloween season, obviously, because that's when they pop up most frequently," Mercurio said. "I wouldn't say (being a part of 'Hell Fest') has made me more cautious, though I haven't been to one since the completion of the film."
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