LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series

LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Jan 6, 2019

Popular non-lethal self defense tools

In everyday you have tasks you need to do for daily basis to finish it. 

Some tasks you cannot do it without something handy that you can use in the particular tasks. 

That’s why so many company right now producing or making a different kind of multi tools, gadget or equipment to help us to do what ordinary human cannot do.

Now-a-days in real life situation sometimes bad things happen, buthopefully we didn’t experience. 

How can we stop this to happen to us? Or what should we do in this kind of situation?

Sometimes you need to use a force or some weapon to survive or to save yourself for being a victim or to stop this before happening to you. 

Some people say that they hate violence and I’m one of them. 

But if you are in the situation that you need to protect yourself and your family, you will not hesitate or think twice to do something to save or protect them. For that situation, you need to prepare yourself before it happens. 

You may carry self-defense tools or learn some tactics to protect yourself and your family in case of any danger.

There are so many options of how to protect yourself or your love one’s. 

I can give you two options as far as I know that these are best way to protect yourself and your family.
  • The first one is use some tactical weapon like gun or knives etc. 
  • The second is use a non-lethal weapon tools like tactical pen or flashlight etc. 
Using or carrying a weapon is to have responsibility that you must know and here some of them.
  • You need to know about the law of your place or country where you lived.
  • The most important is you must know how to used it.
I’m sure so many people don’t want a trouble. 

A non-lethal weapon tools such a tactical pen or flashlight will save your life. At the same time, you will not think too much about the legality to use or carry that for your as EDC.

Learn from Toolsradar on how to use a non-lethal tools and some technique how to defend yourself. You will also learn what you need to do in different kind of situation if someone attack you.

Do you want to use non-lethal self-defense tools? Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this outstanding article. Electrosocuri (RO) are an efficient and effective deterrent that keep you safe by using electrical currents to immobilise an attacker.


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