SPOTTIE: The first real life interactive mobile game puts the fun, excitement into meeting people

Iinsha, LLC, a Houston-based mobile app design and development studio working to create revolutionary mobile tools, announced the release of their first creation: Spottie.

Spottie is a free mobile application available for Android and iOS

This game is played in real time, with real people and enables players to meet face to face in a fun and creative way.

With Spottie, players will have the chance to start conversations with people they would usually shy away from and not have the courage to approach. 

They have eliminated the superficial swiping methods that other apps use.

In this interactive app, Spottie players can choose between a one on one or multiplayer game.
“Our mission is to create an innovative fusion that incorporates today’s technology with yesterday’s face to face interaction,” Sameer Hussein, CEO Iinsha Apps, said.
Spottie offers in-app messaging and calling features.

Get Spottie! Get Discovered! Get Connected!

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