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Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Indie supernatural thriller "The Demonologist" conjures up a well established story which has some peculiar twists and turns.

With a story that is a bit "Hellboy" and a bit "Constantine," "The Demonologist" uses the fear of satanic cults to create fear and a necessity for a mythological savior.

A spooked detective (Bryan Krause) is the only hope for the end of days in the spine-chilling "The Demonologist," premiering On Demand January 1, 2019 by Uncork’d Entertainment.

The detective is haunted by nightmares of his past and visions he cannot understand. 

When he investigates a string of brutal murders, he discovers a Cult that worships the four King Demons of Hell, who plan on bringing them forth to destroy the Earth. 

He must stop the Cult from starting the Apocalypse and finally come to grips with his birthright and destiny as The Demonologist.

With the viewer not knowing much about the background story of the Demonologist, the film takes liberties to present a solution before the fear is established.

The cast does great with making the story seem plausible and, even as the twists come unexpectedly, the viewer can easily follow the story arc and enjoy the story.

Krause provides a nice portrayal of the troubled detective Damian which is struggling through the story as he discovers there is something in him which is special. There are points where it is confusing as to the urgency of the story as Krause has a very calm demeanor through out the entire movie.

The detective has fiancée Abigail (Kate Tumanova) that tries to be a point of comfort and a trusted partner.

Putting Krause along side actress Tumanova provides a nice balance in their scenes. Tumanova showcases her ability to do some nice action scenes and also a bit of tenderness as she comforts the detective.

The twist with Abigail and the detective's partner are shocking and add to the story, but come suddenly and can be jarring.

The ending comes with some satisfaction as the story comes to a conclusion which settles the entire storyline while keeping the audiences wanting to know more.

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