LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series

LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Feb 11, 2019

Award-winning film NOTHING TO DO coming to iTunes this March

What happens when you can't stand the way your sibling does just about anything, but you're forced to be with them during your father's last days on Earth?

A “compelling and entertaining”* comedy with “strong performances”** by an incredible ensemble cast, from writer-director Mike Kravinsky, "Nothing to Do" on VOD this winter.

"Nothing To Do" is the story of 50 something Kenny (Paul Fahrenkopf, “The Wire”), an aimless DJ at an oldies station in Philadelphia.

He's called to a hospital in Washington D.C., where he's informed that his father Irv, due to many complications, is at the end of his life.

Something Irv has kept from his children.

It's suggested that Kenny and his father discuss hospice.

Kenny's younger sister, a more accomplished person, tries to intervene.

She wants to send her father back to the hospital to "get better."

A story of the family bonds that never die, Nothing to Do now available on Amazon in the US and UK, and coming to iTunes worldwide on March 15.

*Global Peace Film Festival
**Legacy Film Festival on Aging

On iTunes March 15

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