BABYSPLITTERS wins SBIFF Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema

Writer/director Sam Friedlander’s (“Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant”) comedic gem “Babysplitters" has won the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema on February 9 at the SBIFF Awards.

The award comes with a 60k Panavision camera rental package.

This is the second feature film from Friedlander, and “Babysplitters" made its world debut on February 2 at SBIFF (it has now screened three times at SBIFF, February 8 was the final screening that was added due to popular demand, as it screened to full houses).

In "Babysplitters," Jeff and Sarah are struggling to come to an agreement about having a baby.  

Jeff wants to be a father eventually, but is afraid to lock himself into his current job situation.  

Meanwhile Sarah, nearing 35, feels her biological clock ticking and is impatient to start trying.  

Their mutual friends Don and Taylor have the opposite problem.

Don has a successful business and is ready to be a dad.

But Taylor, an aspiring dancer, is worried that the toll on her body and career will be too much.  

When the two couples hatch a plan to share one baby between them, it seems like they may have found the perfect compromise — until things spiral out of control.

A fresh take on the age old struggle of a couple coming into agreement about having children. 

“Babysplitters” cleverly takes two friendly couples into unforeseen territory as they choose to split a baby. Starring: Danny Pudi (“Community,” Knights of Badassdom”), Emily C. Chang (“Total Recall,” “The Vampire Diaries”), Maiara Walsh (The Last Ship,” “Zombieland”), Eddie Alfano (“Criminal Minds,” “Shameless”), Maya Stojan (“Castle,” “Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D”) Brian Thomas Smith (“The Big Bang Theory,” “The Wedding Party”), and Mark Feuerstein(“Royal Pains,” “What Women Want”); and produced by Friedlander, Rebecca G. Stone (Ruin Me,” “Wonder Women”), Matt DiNicola (“Dawn Patrol,” “Slow Potion”), Morgan Patterson (“The Nice Guys,” “Drillbit Taylor”), and cinematographer David C. Smith (Not Another Teen Movie,” “Letting Go”), and executive produced by M. Shawn Lawlor (“A Violent Separation,” “Babysplitters”).