Center for Education Reform response to State of the Union Address

Statement by CEO & Founder Jeanne Allen:
“It’s a significant milestone when a president singles out a major education issue in the State of the Union address. Every year we wait in anticipation for the potential to bring much needed national attention to the most important domestic issue of our time – education.
“We are grateful for the recognition that education opportunity is a vital link to economic success for all Americans.
"Concerned citizens of every political stripe understand that the best hope for learners at all levels is expanded opportunity to access the very best education and training that meets their needs, fulfills their aspirations, and secures them a positive path to participate in the future.
“At a time when barely 30 percent of students nationally are proficient in core subjects, and fewer than a third of high school graduates complete any postsecondary credential, a major reboot in federal education priorities is long overdue. We are hopeful that numerous Congressional proposals that we have worked to accelerate to provide hope and expanded opportunity for our most vulnerable students will soon see the light with the aggressive support of the Administration.”