Dewar PR releases free compilation

Canada's DEWAR PR are pleased to release to release their new FREE compilation over at Alternative Control. 

The compilation contains 17 tracks from outstanding bands of all genres.
Dewar PR CEO Curtis Dewar said, "I’m pleased to release the latest in our series of compilations. This is the fifth year of Dewar PR being in operation and I’m excited to have the chance to work with great new bands. Download the compilation and support (with money) any of the bands that you enjoy. If you’d like more information on promoting your next release with Dewar PR, please email me at!”
Listen to the compilation over at Alternative Control here:

Track listing:
  1. False Gods-They Who Speak To the Lost 
  2. Owl Maker-Witches 
  3. Tommy Concrete-Leith Punk Flat 
  4. Her Despair-Blaspheme With Me 
  5. GORM-Beyond Black Rainbow 
  6. Chaos Synopsis-Sixteen Scourges 
  7. Aliceissleeping-Space Wanders & Bleeding Hearts 
  8. Ritual Earth-Solar Ecstasy 
  9. Death On Fire-Witch Hunter (Remix) 
  10. Vessel-The Dreaming 
  11. Blessed Black-Stormbringer 
  12. Stump Tail Dolly-Regret 
  13. Allfather-By Sword By Famine By Plague 
  14. Dust Prophet-The Big Lie 
  15. Archarus-Erebor 
  16. Rift-Lift To Ash 
  17. Desert Kingdom-Unleash All Hell