Jess McAvoy releases new music video for DO WHAT YOU WANT on Valentine's Day

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The incredible singer-songwriter Jess McAvoy uses this Valentine's Day to premiere the magnificent music video for "Do What You Want."

The catchy tune isn't another cliché romantic anthem, rather it takes on of the pressure of friends, peers and customs, relationships which tend to be taken very seriously. Many people end up being in a relationship that is either stagnant or, worse yet, toxic. It’s rare to find two people in a relationship, just for the enjoyment of each other’s company. That’s what “Do What You Want” is all about.

Taken from recent personal experience, the song’s inspiration came about when McAvoy's friends were all up in arms with the simplicity of her relationship, urging that Jess be more serious to the matter of dating.

The best relationships seem to happen not only at the most unexpected times, but with the people who seem easy to be around.

The song sounds that simplistic, but the vocals speak volumes with the right emphasis on the lyrics.

In reality, all that McAvoy wants is just to be in the moment and enjoy the beauty of dating, no matter where it may lead. 

The effort of making a relationship look effortless can be the most daunting, but this brilliant outlook on dating in the moment is beautifully sung by McAvoy.

With love, relationships and dating, Jess McAvoy’s outlook is very much towards the idea that good things happen when we all feel good. 

So, from a law of attraction standpoint, it’s important to move towards the things that make us all feel the most like ourselves, even if it’s not meant to last forever.

Keep a look out for more from Jess McAvoy.

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