Warm up with the best on screen thrillers this Winter

This year got off to a very cold and gloomy start, which provides the perfect excuse to skip outdoor activities and opt for warmer options like catching up on the best thrillers and action-packed shows and movies.

In fact, the crime genre is having a real moment in the spotlight, with its fair share of series and movies, including fan favorites that include drug lord-type characters with new seasons starting again soon.

Here are a few of the best titles that you can enjoy right now from the comfort of your home.

Lionsgate is releasing their new crime thriller "We Die Young" on Video on Demand and digital download on March 1st. The film stars David Castañeda (Sicario: Day of the Soldado, End of Watch) and up-and-coming actor Elijah Rodriguez (Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Book of Life) alongside the action hero and legend Jean-Claude Van Damme. Set in a crime-ridden barrio in Washington, D.C., young Lucas (Rodriguez) grows desperate to keep his little brother safe from the ruthless drug lord Rincon (Castañeda) and his MS-13 gang after they recruit him as a runner. The film takes a powerful dramatic turn as Daniel (Van Damme), a veteran suffering from PTSD, helps the two boys after they run into some life-risking trouble. If your an Xfinity user and want to find this film on Amazon Prime, or you’re a JCVD fan that can’t get enough, all you have to say is his name on the X1 Voice Remote and all the related content will appear.

This film is also releasing in theaters on March 1, in case you want to experience all the action on the big screen instead.

Perhaps you have not heard, but Kate del Castillo is returning to her epic role as Teresa Mendoza in "La Reina del Sur." Mendoza has disappeared into the U.S. Federal Witness Protection Program after bringing down a powerful and dangerous Mexican presidential candidate Epifanio Vargas. She now lives a life of total anonymity in Italy as “Maria Dantes,” peacefully raising her daughter Sofia in the Tuscan village of Massa Marittima. However, her life takes an unexpected turn and she will do the impossible to reclaim her throne as La Reina del Sur. The return of "La Reina del Sur" will be airing on Telemundo later this year, so if you have not seen the first season or simply need to refresh your memory, you can binge the entire first season on Netflix now. You can also watch this on-the-go via the Xfinity Stream app if your a Comcast user.

If you have already watched season one of "La Reina del Sur" and are in the mood for other thrilling stories, consider the second season of "El desconocido: La historia del Cholo Adrián." Inspired by true events, the first season of “El Desconocido” told the fictional story of “El Cholo” Adrián, right-hand man to the infamous drug lord, “El Chato” Guzman, who led Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel until he was captured alongside El Cholo after one of the most extensive manhunts in Mexico’s history. The context of season two continues to be the power struggle between the army, the state and the cartels, but the story explores the sacrifices endured by those who live in the narco world and the personal damage the drug trade inflicts on organizations, families, relationships, parenthood, and friendships.

Season One premiered on Cinelatino in 2017 and will re-air on Cinelatino ahead of the Season Two premiere on March 17, the first season is also available on Netflix. If you have Xfinity, all you have to say is “El Desconocido,” or the name of any of the actors, to your X1 Voice Remote and the title will appear right on your screen.

Another successful crime thriller drama series that has all Hispanics addicted is Telemundo’s superseries "Señora Acero," which just completed its final season this past year. If you have never seen an episode, you should grab your laptop and watch the first four seasons on Netflix and then go on the Telemundo app to view the fifth season, which continues with a very pregnant Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda), who while burying her husband, Daniel Phillips, meets FBI agent Alberto (David Chocarro). Despite her efforts to keep her family safe, Vicenta will undergo a painful event that will force her to make a tough decision: to flee with her son away from her family and her new love, Alberto Fuentes. In that new world, Vicenta and her son Danielito meet Nancy (Patricia Manterola), who becomes her new best friend, and another protective mother, Tuti (Ana Lucía Domínguez). They will join forces to fight and protect their children from the attacks of the powerful Teca Martínez, the corrupt Hector Ruiz (Mauricio Islas), and the dangerous men out to extort them.

If you want an even more throwback into the glamour days of the 1970s, then check out "El Baron," which is based on the life Pablo Escobar associate Ignacio "Nacho" Montero. The series shows him quickly getting into the business of illegal sales of cigarettes and marijuana. Then, thanks to his charisma and intelligence, he manages to ally with Pablo Escobar to sell cocaine and help revolutionize drug trafficking in the United States. But through his business expansion he also found two big enemies: CENTAC, the new United States government police force focused on the fight against drugs, and Griselda Blanco, another powerful drug queen who already had a drug business set up in Florida.

His enemies manage to corner him, and Nacho is forced to flee, first to Mexico and then to Colombia, where he seeks refuge with Escobar and Carlos Lehder. You can also catch up on the newest episodes Monday through Friday at 10 p.m./9c on Telemundo.