Actress Danay Garcia talks about season 4 of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD being just a new start point

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Season 4 of “Fear The Walking Dead” took the series in a completely new direction and is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital for fans to catch up on before season 5 premieres in the summer of 2019.

Each of the survivors in “Fear The Walking Dead” have gone in different directions and season 4 takes the viewer back and forth through time to explain how they got there.

Actress Danay Garcia, which plays Luciana, said that the walkers are no longer the biggest worry for the survivors, the other survivors are as much to worry about.

The season was intense as fan favorites were killed off and familiar characters were introduced.

Morgan from “The Walking Dead” joined the cast of “Fear The Walking Dead” to bring in yet another major element of drama to the series.

Garcia said she hasn’t kept up with “The Walking Dead” on purpose so she isn’t tainted or influenced by the characters on the show, that way “Fear The Walking Dead” stays original.

As “The Walking Dead” universe proves time and time again, there’s no characters that are safe, villains can survive throughout seasons as protagonist can be killed off as easily as any other character.

Season 4 of “Fear The Walking Dead” saw major characters killed off to make the story arc of the characters that survive even more complex.

The part of “Fear The Walking Dead” that is the most exciting is that it’s not a series about surviving the zombie apocalypse, rather a series of the way humans interact and adapt to a world infected by zombies, Garcia said. There’s no one that is safe in that world and the journey is as important as the end of the journey.

The series is changing and only getting to be more and more dramatic, Garcia said. There's so much more of the story to tell and, as season 5 has started production, there is not much Garcia can say but season 5 is set to have some intense changes for the characters.

Season 4 Available on Blu-ray, DVD And Digital Now
Season 5 Premieres in Summer 2019