Corinne Jayaweera’s music video I DO makes debut on digital platforms

Young love depicted in pianist/composer Rob Costlow’s contemporary classical single from his album "Sophomore Jinx"

Award-winning producer/director Corinne Jayaweera has expanded her creative repertoire with a music video, “I Do” classical piano song by noted composer Rob Costlow.

The music video has premiered on Costlow’s YouTube channel, and website, and will soon be digitally released on other platforms.

Jayaweera and her production company 3 Bugs Entertainment have created award-winning content - documentaries, narrative shorts and music videos. She has grown from producing her first documentary in 2008 to directing and producing documentaries, music videos and narratives.

Jayaweera is active in organizations such as Alliance of Women Directors, Women in Film and has produced and has been on the producing team of multiple features, shorts and PSA’, s.

Outside of her own projects she has worked as an assistant director, production manager, as well as a wardrobe manager.

Her films have competed in film festivals such as: Newport Beach Film Festival, LA Femme International Film Festival, The American Pavilion at Cannes, California Women’s Film Festival and SOCAL Film Festival. Her documentary short “The Spirit of Iris” won the Best Documentary Short at the 2015 Los Angeles Film and Script Festival.

Jayaweera’s passion has been and remains to make meaningful and inspiring content regardless of the form or if she is producing/directing and or working as crew on someone else’s project. 
“I love directing music videos as I see music videos as not only as an artist to showcase the song but to allow the watcher to gain an insight to the artist soul and or the soul of the song.” She also sees music videos as a platform for artists o take a stand for something they really believe in-weather it is the environment, political or issue-driven such as sex trafficking," Jayaweera said.  "I 'see' music when I hear it and when I heard this song, I simply saw inspiration.”
The music video features Jayaweera’s 14-year-old son, Sorin, as the pianist.

“I Do” composer Rob Costlow transcends into the world of classical, jazz and new age, with his style of independent, contemporary music.

Costlow’s emotional palate includes the loss of his mother to cancer when he was 11 years old, and the temporary loss of the use of his hands a few years later, an injury resulting form a car accident. He has triumphed against the odds and was able to perform as a pianist.

 In grad school, he started his own record label, where his music went on to receive accolades from the likes of record label and platinum-selling pianist Jim Brickman.

Costlow depicts his personal journey as follows: "Music is about inspiration.

Inspiring others, overcoming challenges, making dreams reality, supporting the human spirit and capturing (or complementing) the human spirit in specific states of emotion."

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