Eugenio presented DRUNK HISTORY MEXICO EDITION on his social media

8:03 PM

What better way to get "Drunk History: Mexico Edition" than mixing in a bit of Hispanic flavor with some tequila.

PantaYa brings "Drunk History: Mexico Edition" to U.S. streaming, available now.

Don't miss the latest post by actor Eugenio Derbez on social media announcing "Drunk History México" on Pantaya Now.

The Mexican actor shared the new PantaYa series with his fans, the streaming service for Spanish speakers.

PantaYa presents their first series on their streaming platform, "Drunk History México, El lado borroso de la historia," presented by Eugenio Derbez.

Each episode of "Drunk History México," is narrated in complete inebriated state fighting to keep their composure and and seriousness while narrating an important in Mexican history.

Available To Stream Now

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