GODS WITHOUT NAME, full-length from searing black metal project AORATOS, led by Naas Alcameth of Akhlys, Nightbringer out now, streaming via Debemur Morti Productions

Jesus Figueroa

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Gods Without Name is the first descent into the twisted depths of fresh creative entity, AORATOS. Spearheaded by Naas Alcameth known for his time in Akhlys, Bestia Arcana and Nightbringer among others and described as a, "reflection of the eidola and egregore arisen from the liminal thresholds," "Gods Without Name" probes deep into the darkness found beyond the boundaries of the profane and waking world of man.

A maelstrom of mesmerizing and nightmarish tremolo riffs, relentless drumming, and the ever-tortured howls of Alcameth permeate this musical abyss serving accordingly as a piercing counterpoint to the undulating drone and dark ambient soundscapes found within.

Cold atmospheres and malevolent whispers of ecstatic dread bookend these horrific hymnals to "forbidden plots, barren fields, and haunted abodes."

AORATOS' "Gods Without Name" is true darkness given musical form in haunting, malefic black metal.

Fans of Emperor, Nightbringer, Akhlys, Sinmara, and the like be forewarned.

AORATOS' "Gods Without Name" – which was self-recorded at Promethean Forge Studios and mixed and mastered by Dave Otero (Cobalt, Cephalic Carnage, Cattle Decapitation) at Flatline Audio – is out now on CD, digital, and limited-edition vinyl formats via Debemur Morti Productions.

For ordering options in North America go to THIS LOCATION, for Europe go HERE and for digital orders go HERE.

Stream "Gods Without Name" in its scathing entirety at the Debemur Morti Productions Bandcamp Page at THIS LOCATION or Spotify HERE.
Gods Without Name Track Listing:
  1. Parallax I 
  2. Holy Mother Of Terror
  3. Of Harvest, Scythe And Sickle Moon
  4. Gods Without Name
  5. Thresher
  6. The Watcher On The Threshold
  7. Prayer Of Abjection
  8. Dread Spirit Of The Place
  9. Parallax II
Naas Alcameth - vocals, guitars, synths, lyrics
Nox Corvus - guitars, backing vocals
Menthor - drums
Chthonia - backing vocals

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