STORY OF GOD gives First Nation Leader Eddy Robinson an opportunity to share his journey

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

National Geographic's "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" gives audiences an opportunity to learn about different religions, beliefs and traditions.

First Nation Leader Eddy Robinson, Anishinaabe/Muskegowuk, gets the opportunity to talk about his journey through learning and experiencing the Anishinaabe vision quest.

Robinson was thrilled to get the opportunity to share his understanding of the traditions which have helped shape his life.

As a noted Anishinaabe artist, musician, educator, facilitator, trainer, writer and speaker, Robinson has been able to share with the community around him how this tradition has helped shape his life.

Much of what people believe they know about Native Americans comes from stereotypes that are spread through mass media and Hollywood depictions.

Robinson said he hopes people can watch "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" and see that not all Native Americans wear feathery headdresses and that they don't all look the same. Each tribe has the traditions they follow and he was happy that National Geographic gave him the opportunity to help break some of the misconceptions that are out there about Native Americans.

As "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" continues on in season 3, the show continues on with a structure that does not look to convert viewers, but rather open the conversation and give the spotlight to people like Robinson who look to educate about their culture.

The Native American traditions are passed on through oral stories, but Robinson said that there is still many traditions that get passed down in the Native Americans through written methods.

As Robinson keeps studying and practicing the traditions of Native Americans he tries to not just share with his Native American community, but he tries to educate the community which surrounds him.

Educating and understanding is important, in so shows like National Geographic's "Story of God with Morgan Freeman" looks to spread diversity, understanding and unite people.

National Geographic's STORY OF GOD
Airing Tuesdays on National Geographic Channel

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