STORY OF GOD gives seeker Sal Masekela a rare view into a Druid Winter Solstice celebration

Jesus Figueroa
Seeker Sal Masekela waits in front of the grave of the last known Sin Eater, Richard Munslow's grave.
(National Geographic/Maria Bohe)
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Druid celebrations are rarely seen anyone outside the Druid community, but National Geographic's "Story of God" was able to send Sal Masekala to England to experience the Winter Solstice celebration for himself.

Masekala traveled to England to witness the winter solstice celebration thrown by modern-day Druids who are preserving a secretive tradition that dates back millennia.

The Druid community were standoffish, Masekala said. The Druids have been ridiculed by mass media and made to be a joke, it was only right for them to be uncomfortable with having people outside of their community being there for one of their celebrations.

Druids have kept many of their beliefs and traditions secret, passing them on many times verbally from generation to generation.

"Story of God" has given the Druids an opportunity to present their traditions in an unbiased way, to Masekala, who had not known much about the Druids before his experience.

Masekala said that the experience provided some affirmation to his beliefs, as the Druids celebrated the Winter Solstice in a beautiful way that was different from Winter celebrations such as Christmas, it was like night and day.

The Druids were like the modern equivalent to environmentalists, Masekala said. Their belief in nature and respect for it was wonderful and eye opening to him.

Religion is meant to unite people and provide morals and values and there is some flaw in humans which makes them shed blood and go to war over religion, Masekala said.

The Druid beliefs, as well as many pagan beliefs, are those of unity and love.

The way in which Druids celebrate the Winter Solstice demonstrates the respect that they have for each other as well as the world they live in, Masekala said.

"Story of God" opens up the discussion into religions in a truthful manner and gives an opportunity to learn about ourselves and others.

National Geographic's STORY OF GOD
Airing Tuesdays on National Geographic Channel

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