IndieRights picks up distribution on surrealist feature film THE TEXTURE OF FALLING by bold director Maria Allred

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After its theatrical release tour across four US cities, "The Texture of Falling," by avant-garde filmmaker Maria Allred, is now available on Amazon Prime.

The film had a controversial reception from the press during its first leg of distribution, which has resulted in a growing cult following for the work of Allred and her very unique approach to storytelling.

In "The Texture of Falling," the lives of a filmmaker, pianist, painter, and architect collide and intertwine in a multilayered tale of love, art, violence, and power dynamics that ultimately asks, what is real?

Described as “a whacked-out, heavily stylized hallucination” by the Village Voice; “an erotic enigma of a film” by the LA Times; and “unapologetically bold” by the Fiction’s Mistress’ blog, "The Texture of Falling" has proven that authentic author-driven arthouse cinema is still alive today.

Filled with lots of twists and turns in a puzzling story arc, this American indie doesn’t fit neatly into any genre and certainly isn’t the romance flick mainstream audiences are used to.

Additionally, in this challenging psychological experiment, the lead characters, played by Julie Webb and Maria Allred, mirror each other’s lives in the reflection of reality vs. fiction.

The creative process of the filmmaker even becomes the backdrop in which the drama unfolds, such as a stream of consciousness where life and art freely intertwine.

Furthermore, intending to bridge the gap between direction and improvisation, Maria Allred refers to her method as "process oriented filmmaking," which she describes as follows:
“A unique style of filmmaking which is based in Jungian principles and goes beyond dialogical improvisation in that the subterranean interpersonal dynamics that arose in the creation of the film informed the content of the film. Due to this approach, in the making of Texture, and in the end product, there was and is a perpetual dance with truth and fiction—life and art.”
The Texture of Falling is an Allred Films Production. Written and Directed by Maria Allred; Producers Maria Allred, Damien Genardi and Julie Webb; Executive Producers Michael Janicki and James Rothenberger; Associate Producers Blake Martin and Bassem Kudsi; Cinematographer Maria Allred; Production Designer Maria Allred; Editor Maria Allred; Costume Designers Maria Allred and Julie Webb; Music Composer Daniel Riddle; Music supervisor Denny Swofford.
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