SHAZAM! actor Jovan Armand talks about his character Pedro Peña

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

With the amazing success of "Shazam!" many have gotten to know the foster kid turned super hero and his friends.

One of the foster kids, Peter Peña, played by Jovan Armand got into his character by creating a back story with some of the other cast.

Armand felt he could relate to his character as he was bullied as a young kid and grew up shy, which he felt would help create a relatable character.

Armand said, "It's amazing to be a part of this film. It's a great origin story for Shazam, it's a fun action comedy and I think alot of people will like it."

The character of Pedro has an evolution through the film as he is a shy kid who breaks out of his shell.

A scene from the movie captures the transformation and is a key scene which is pivotal.

The foster kids are all different and reflect what it's like for foster families.

Armand said, "I think what makes this film different is that it is relatable because we play a foster family and we don't have just one race."

This film having such a diverse cast helps every kid feel like they too can be a super hero.

This action comedy gives everyone the opportunity to have their super hero dream and through this Armand has been given the opportunity to somewhat live out a childhood dream.

"Growing up I use to love superman," Armand said. "When I was a kid I use to wear a superman suit. I think I wore it from Halloween to probably Christmas. My mom would have to take it off of me while I was asleep to wash it."

Now, since Armand is a fan of super speed, since the CW's "The Flash" is one of his favorite shows, he would be thrilled to have super speed.

Along with hating, the talented young Armand is a singer as well and his current single "Foreign," was released on February 14.

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