Alex Boyé releases two life changing songs – BEND NOT BREAK, STILL BREATHING – for May Mental Health Awareness Month

Alex Boyé (pronounced Boy-yay) is truly a multicultural, multigenerational, global artist.

An independent artist with more than 1 billion views on his YouTube channel, Boyé’s diverse blend of African-infused pop music and vibrant dynamic visuals have captured a loyal legion of online followers turning him into a viral sensation.

While his viral videos of Africanized pop covers have been featured on Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Jimmy Kimmel and more; his new single, “Still Breathing,” picks up where his most recent, “Bend Not Break” left off.
“Bend Not Break” is a song that encourages people considering suicide to look beyond their current circumstances and make a different choice, to bend and not break,” Boyé said. “Still breathing shares the thoughts of someone who has overcome a difficult time in their lives and survived.”
Both singles from his forthcoming album "Coming to Amerika" are songs of encouragement and hope created to save lives and inspired by a personal experience.

Boyé’s commitment to suicide prevention comes from a personal experience which he shares in this video.

Beginning in May, Mental Health Awareness Month, Boyé will be embarking on a national tour carrying a message of hope and awareness to young people and teens struggling with mental illness and considering suicide.

The tour aligns with The American Foundation of Suicide Prevention’s #realconvos campaign during which Boyé, will bring #realconvos to high school, non-profits/community organizations who have partnered with his Bend Not Break Foundation.

On April 25, Boyé was honored with the 2019 Erase The Stigma’ Leadership Award, and on April 27 he was the headline performer at the "Donate Life Run Walk Festival" in Fullerton, California Intramural Field at Cal State.

On May 7, Boyé heads to New York to host/emcee/perform at The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's "Lifesavers Gala."

CNN's Anderson Copper is one of the honorees and then will continue onward to Utah's Dixie State University on May 18 for the "Spirit of Hope Gala" for the Doctors Volunteer Clinic

According to the CDC Vital Signs suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. with an estimated more than 45,000 lives lost to suicide in 2016 and nearly 1,400,000 suicide attempts in 2017.
“This is more than entertainment, my music is ‘innertainment.’ Music that can change lives from the inside,” Boyé said. "Even if I can save just one, then we have done something great! When we encourage #realconvos about mental health and suicide, that’s how you get people to open up! As soon as the conversation begins, that’s when the light comes in. Sometimes all is takes is music, just one song can break through.”
“Bend Not Break” produced by K.C. Knight, executive produced Randy Jackson (“American Idol”) and penned by Jordan Powers & Alex Boyé releases on May 3.

“Still Breathing” was co-written by Boyé and produced by Tha Aristocrats(DJ Khalid) releases on May 17.

Alex Boyé's forthcoming album Coming To America is produced by Grammy award winning producers 'Blac Elvis' (Beyoncé, John Legend, Usher, Ciara, Jill Scott) and Neff-U (Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber) and will be released by BFD via The Orchard.