Franky G’s continues to be excited playing Poncho in season 5 of POWER

Written by Jesus Figueroa

With a brilliant season full of incredible guest stars and a great continuing cast, Frankie G had the opportunity to work with  talented cast members.

Frankie said he wished he would have been able to work with more of the cast because they are so fantastic, but he was only able to work with a few. The cast, however, so talented and he hopes to get tike with more.

Many amazing guest stars popped up on POWER season 5.

The guest stars brought even more incredible talent to the cast. Guest stars allow regular cast to be able to work off a new energy which allows for different performances.

Frankie said that sometimes he found it amazing that so many big name talent would be featured in episodes.

Guest stars were more than just actors, rappers were part of the guest stars and sometimes those performances were among the most impactful.

The show has made its notoriety and proven to be culturally relevant with the amount of guest stars it features.

Frankie G said it was an amazing experience with the guest stars, both getting to perform with them and just seeing them on set.

Despite this season being spectacular to watch, Franky G said he thinks every season he gets to participate on “POWER” is incredible. Just being on set is exciting because rod how incredible the show is.

POWER Season 5
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