Indie Rights presents FIND ME

"FIND ME" follows an emotionally wounded accountant decides to break away from routine and find his missing friend, who has left clues for him of her whereabouts throughout National Parks across the West who finds solace and healing in nature as he faces major life changes.

Joe is the perfect corporate accountant: 38, quiet, unassuming with a dry wit and allows his work to speak for him.

His painful divorce has turned him into a introvert. His monotonous routine of working late and falling asleep on the couch becomes brightened by a budding friendship with his fellow accountant Amelia, who is full of energy and life.

Amelia tries to get Joe out of his rut and travel outdoors, and rediscover a sense of adventure.

One night Amelia visits Joe revealing her husband has bee cheating on her and turns to him for comfort, but disappears before morning without a word.

After a few weeks of not seeing her at the office, Joe discovers Amelia has mysteriously disappeared.

A letter arrives in his cubicle addressed to him with a return address in Springdale, UT.

He opens it up and all it says is “FIND ME.”

It’s clearly Amelia’s writing.

Joe heads off on a journey to Utah to investigate the letter and finds a slew of clues that seem to be left by Amelia.

His journey takes him to Zion National park and continues to follow trail visiting various natural wonders as he finds out more and more about Amelia and discovers a life changing secret she's been hiding...

Opening In Los Angeles May 31
VOD Release On AMAZON Followed By iTunes, Google Play