Need All Exchange release preview of upcoming video CRYSTAL CLARITY

Metal band NEED ALL EXCHANGE are pleased to release a preview of their upcoming video for the song "Crystal Clarity." The video is set to be released on June 22.
The band commented, "We're super excited to release this preview of Crystal Clarity. Look for the full video to release mid-month."
Watch the preview here:

Need All Exchange are a modern metal band from Brownsville, Texas, fusing all manner of sounds in a sharply honed sonic assault. In the sweltering summer of 2012 creative energies aligned.

From the void a mortally wounded dragon reemerged from lifelessness. A follower of the sacred Dharma sought to find a middle path, somewhere between progressive complexity and raw simple tones.

From the roots of the earth came an inspired rhythm section, defined by a colorful drummer and a golem infused with a legendary spirit, wreaking his own brand of "Pandamonium."

These Texans aren’t your traditional metal band. In fact, their vision is much greater than that of even being just a metal band. They seek to meld a diverse pallet of musical and artistic inspirations.

Need All Exchange fuse the influences of everyone from Death to Faith No More, by way of Sepultura and Pantera.

Their unique origin story, especially with regards to their bassist Muelaquin, only serves to propel them forward in their native Rio Grande Valley scene.

You see, Muelaquin is probably the most popular member of the band.

However, he chooses to manifest himself only in the form of a panda mannequin when joining the band onstage.

Now, Need All Exchange are seeking to expand beyond their local circuit, where they have opened for acts like Spite, and Sons of Texas.

These metal warriors are boldly embracing new frontiers.

A project defined by re-awakening of creative passions, the band have doubled down on their goals. Coming off of 2017’s El Proximo Viaje EP, the band is preparing for their next release, one that promises to be their strongest yet. Always a group to shy from norms, Need All Exchange are sworn to stray from the path.