Dave Cavalier releases new song DAMAGE IS DONE

Electrifying alternative blues artist, Dave Cavalier, has released his new single “Damage Is Done.”

Co-produced by production duo The Elemeno Pea (consisting of Rob Shore and Jessie Shapiro), "Damage Is Done" is a soulful and powerfully visceral song about betrayal and the inability to go back.
Randy Radic of The Huffington Post has said, "[Cavalier's] music defines what is known as the carnal arts - sexy, sensuous, gritty music." This is Cavalier's third release off his "Rumors EP." 
Cavalier will be releasing three more songs every two weeks over the next two months to complete the release of the full EP. 

Get "Damage Is Done" now: empire.lnk.to/Damage

With the emotional capacity of a hurricane, Cavalier’s guitar playing is almost as if a tattooed James Dean played guitar like Hendrix, bending his memories into music at every turn.

It’s clear that pushing such on-stage, musical exorcisms to the very edge is part of Cavalier’s process and that his relatable and genuine personal stories want to bring you along for the ride.