Sport vs Driving Games - Which Gaming Type Is Best for You?

Jesus Figueroa
Video games are among the top choices when it comes to ways of entertainment worldwide.

But, as the industry grows, video games are slowly becoming more than just something to pass the time when you’re bored; they manage to create a bond between players that surpasses time and space.

As such, people come together in their love for virtual adventures regardless of age, gender, and location, creating wonderful communities that support their members and engage in creative discussions.

But, to get to this level of commitment and passion, one must first identify the genre that works best for their preferences.

For instance, are you a guy/gal who enjoys sport games or someone who is more into driving games?

If you don’t know yet, have a look at the features and titles promoted by each genre and decide.

Sport Games: Titles & Features

This category includes a wide array of games that depict sports from football to basketball, from skating to combat sports.

These games involve the idea of sportive competition between two adversaries or two teams and focus on several types of action.

The main challenge with sport games is to get the mechanics of the game right.

For instance, in soccer, you need to focus on getting the ball from your adversary and scoring. 

However, if the physics and mechanics are wrong, the game can get frustrating pretty fast.

Overall, if you like a certain sport (tennis, badminton, martial arts, and so on), sport games may be the best way to improve your skills and do something you enjoy.

The list of titles is long as there are various different games built around the same sportive activities.

For example, if you look out soccer on CrazyGames, you’ll find an entire section filled with interesting and unique games that all promote the same sport.

The difference stands in the characters, environment, game style, and more.

Still, if you’re looking for a few select titles, you’ll find entire franchises with a long history, such as FIFA, NBA, UFC, and more.

Driving Games: Titles & Features
This section is a bit simpler as the main action is focused on high-speed racing towards the finish line.

However, the games are extremely varied and entertaining, due to a constant change of scenery and vehicles.

Moreover, driving games represent the only chance most of us will have at driving a luxurious racing car like a Lamborghini Aventador, a McLaren F1 car, or a Bugatti.

The main challenge with driving games is maintaining the players’ interest after the first few laps. 

As such, games like Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto combine racing with other activities (stealing cars, gambling, and running away from the law.

Still, there are plenty of games who are just about driving, and they remain interesting and fun throughout the years.

For instance, Moto-X3M is a fun and light driving game that has players feel the wind in their virtual locks on several different motorcycles.

Overall, driving games are your thing if you enjoy the adrenaline of racing in a high-end vehicle (whether it’s a badass bike or a gorgeous car).

Even more, driving games can be useful in real-life as they help you develop a spirit of observation and allow you to get used to maneuvering a vehicle in high-pressure conditions.

When it comes to titles, the best ones that come to mind right now are Dirt Rally, Forza Horizon, Shift, and more.

The driving games industry is extremely rich in hits that created passionate communities and helped both kids and adults enjoy the fun of driving recklessly in a safe environment.

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