Trippy Wicked release cover of Seasick Steve's THINGS GO UP

Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children Of the Knight have just released a doomed out cover of Seasick Steve's "Things Go Up."
Bassist Dicky King said, “I had never heard the original by Seasick Steve, but when Chris and Pete played it to me I loved it. We ran through this version and straight away it had that "Trippy touch" to it, while keeping close to the original. Pete's vocals worked really with that southern sound and the riffs and drums were full on heavy with a hint of groove. I used to forget the name of the track and always say "let's do Up & Down" which of course set me up for taking some stick. The song would go down well in a live set too and many a time people would be shouting out for us to play it, so we must have been doing something right with our take on it.”
Listen to the track here:

About Trippy Wicked
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight sit under the ever expanding umbrella of stoner doom and surrounding genres, starting with a core of distilled Sabbath riffs the band comfortably add in rock, blues and acoustic guitar as the songs require. Lyrical themes can reach odes to those that have passed in one direction and good old fashioned drinking sing-alongs in the other.

As the band’s full title suggests, Trippy Wicked like to enjoy themselves. Live gigs are always a good time for the band and the fans. Notable performances include opening up the first Desertfest in London and a handful of tours with the USA’s Stone Axe and Germany’s Wight.

The early years of Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight are a mix of lineup changes, demos, gigs to empty rooms and stylistic development. Throughout that time the constants of founding members Pete Holland (guitar, vocals) and Chris West (drums), a DIY ethic, and a gut feeling they were onto something worth pursuing remained true. Early 2019 saw the reformation of the ‘not quite original but longest serving lineup’ of Holland and West with later addition bassist Dicky King. (West having previously quit the band in 2013 before his return.)

Along with the announcement of the lineup change, Trippy Wicked also noted they are writing their third full length album and will return to playing live after a two-year break.

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