EASY LAND’S Nina Kiri joins Pierfrancesco Favino, London Brown, Tyler Shaw, Kreeshaw Turner at day three of MONGREL HOUSE at TIFF

Day three celebrated the premiere of Easy Land, the story of a Serbian refugee mother and daughter as they struggle to navigate the many obstacles facing newcomers to Canada 

Canadian independent film distributor, Mongrel Media celebrates night three of the 5th Annual Mongrel House at TIFF with a legendary dance party of epic proportions.

Hosted by Mongrel Media in celebration of the premiere of “Easy Land,” Nina Kiri (The Handmaid’s Tale) arrived with director Sanja Zivkovic and fellow castmates in style, courtesy of a partnership with Volvo.

The evening featured a meditation session hosted by Hoame, Karaoke room sponsored by The Globe and Mail, a Cineplex photo studio, butter chicken and samosa booth from Butter Chicken Roti, refreshments from FIJI Water, cocktails from CIROC, Tanqueray Gin and Bulleit Bourbon, a Johnnie Walker bar, coffee from Barocco, and sweets from Dunk Restaurants. 

Over 600 guests mixed and mingled throughout the indoor outdoor celebration, capping the evening with a non-stop dance party that went into the wee hours of the morning. 

Several celebrities and notable names are expected to pass through Mongrel House over the next few days.  

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Founded in 1994 by Hussain Amarshi, the company has built a reputation as an innovative and distinct brand, with a discerning taste. The independent distributor has developed long-lasting relationships with filmmakers, industry professionals, exhibitors, retailers, e-tailers, and broadcasters.  Mongrel Media prides itself on building bold and uniquely customized distribution strategies for each film, with Quebec distribution handled by Métropole Films. Since 2001, Mongrel Media has been the exclusive distributor of Sony Pictures Classics films in Canada.

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