iQIYI VP Xie Danming attends 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference's AITalk: The Age of AI Makes Art More Creative

On August 28, Xie Danming, Vice President of iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) ("iQIYI" or the "Company"), was invited to AITalk, a pre-conference event of the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference ("WAIC") Shanghai West Bund Forum.

WAIC is China's first high-level conference that focuses on artificial intelligence ("AI").

At the event, Xie delivered a keynote speech titled "Making Art More Creative in the AI Era," sharing his understandings on the role AI plays in entertainment and artistic creation.

In his speech, Xie used iQIYI as an example to explain how AI is applied to different aspects of its business to create a comprehensive entertainment ecosystem that is driven by technologies and innovations.

To begin with, iQIYI's "AI+ Content" strategy has become a driving force for the creation of the company's hit shows. 

With iQIYI's independently-developed ZoomAI intelligent video enhancement technology ("ZoomAI"), a 20-day manual restoration procedure by 10 people can be easily replaced by a 12-hour machine-automated effort.

The technology is used widely for the restoration of heritage Chinese films such as “Laborer's Love,” “The White-Haired Girl” and “Dragon Beard Ditch,” bringing these cultural classics back to the big screen.

Furthermore, ZoomAI's key functions such as frame insertion, video resolution enhancement, minimized data usage mode, and video picture enhancement can be used to produce animations, documentaries and many other contents in production processes, making it an important asset for iQIYI to create high-quality video and audio experience for users.

iQIYI has also used AI technology to build the iCreation Media Resource System, the industry's first post-production system that has been used in variety shows such as “Qing Chun You Ni” and “The Rap of China.”

The system helps significantly reduce the time consumed in post-production.

In addition, based on an AI-powered celebrity database of more than 2 million characters, iQIYI has also established an intelligent index which helps improve the production efficiency and quality of large-scale variety shows.

This technology has become an industrial standard that is widely adopted to produce new-gen variety shows. 

Aside from professional content production, iQIYI also uses AI technology to assist UGC content creators with their productions by offering them massive creative content libraries and supplementary creative functions through an intelligent recreation system. 

Held under the theme of "Artificial Intelligence-New Momentum for High Quality Development," this year's WAIC aims at building the world's top AI cooperation and exchange platform, as well as showing that AI is leading the transformation of the modern life in Shanghai.

The West Bund Forum brings together innovative application experiences in the fields of art and technology, ecology and intelligence, life and health, future home furnishing, culture and entertainment, etc..

As an important part of this AI conference, AITalk gathers together leading enterprises including TeamLab, Dunhuang Research Institute of Digitalized Cultural Relics, Digital Domain, iQIYI and other companies from fields such as art, entertainment, commerce, and transportation to discuss the innovation and application of AI. 

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