1091's award-winning doc MIDNIGHT FAMILY opening December 13 in LA

In Mexico City, there are fewer than 45 emergency ambulances to serve the city’s population of 9 million. 

Filling the void are private paramedic outfits, who race to the scene of an accident or a crime while also dodging police shakedowns, cutthroat competitors and standstill traffic. 

With striking vérité camerawork, “MIDNIGHT FAMILY” drops viewers directly into this frenetic emergency ecosystem, where the Ochoa family—hardworking Fer and his sons, 17-year-old Juan and kid brother Josué—run their ambulance service.

The Ochoas struggle to keep their financial needs from jeopardizing the people in their care, but when a crackdown by corrupt police pushes the family into greater hardship, they face increasing ethical dilemmas.

Opens in Los Angeles on December 13