Actor Javier Botet conjures up a great performances in SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The fantastic adaptation of “Scary stories to tell in the dark” had producer Guillermo Del Toro backing it, but the movie may not have been the success it was without the right cast.

Horror actor Javier Botet has played some iconic character and took on the role of the Big Toe Corpse, a character from one of the better known stories from the books.

“The character was easy. Like every actor, when you are in costume you feel closer to the character,” Botet said. “When you are on the stage, it goes in the same way, you feel more comfortable.”

Filling the role of a character from a horror story book which is appropriate for a younger audience while still being terrifying can be a difficult task.

Botet was thrilled to be in thee role and felt like it fit him well.

“When I had the make up on, it was exactly the same (as in the book),” Botet said. “It was so comfortable because it felt like everything was so fast and so easy and everyone was happy.”

The makeup for the Big Toe Corpse was extensive and Botet praised special effect makeup effect artist Norman Cabrera for designing a magnificent character.

The Big Toe Corpse was one of the horror characters which made Botet very thrills to have gotten to portray.

“This makeup was so light and comfortable in comparison with Slender Man. In Slender Man I couldn’t see and couldn’t even breathe properly. The character was so still that it was a bit uncomfortable,” Botet said. “In Scary Stories, my character was so easy because I was comfortable.“

The “Scary stories to tell in the dark” series has many stories which are well known worldwide.

The choices of the stories that were adapted for the movie helped to create a storyline which made for an engaging and entertaining movie.

However, Botet had never read any of the books.

“I never read (the books) before the script,” Botet said. “So when I received the offer to be in the movie, I was so glad because I knew it was with Guillermo Del Toro as a producer. Then I started to research. I started to read (the stories) and that got me into the world of Scary Stories.”

Scary stories was not the first time Botet had the opportunity to work on a Del Toro project.

Botet had an idea what was to be expected on a project produced by Del Toro.

“It’s always an amazing pleasure (working with Guillermo Del Toro),” Botet said. “It’s the fourth time I’ve worked with Guillermo (Del Toro). First it was in ‘Mama,’ which he produced, and that was the biggest surprise I had because it was my first movie out of Spain.”

Botet knew that Del Toro has an incredible vision for the projects he undertakes and has a powerful, collaborative and creative way to get the results he wants.

From project to project Botet always tries to do his best and gives it his all.

Botet wants to not only be proud of the project he has currently finished, but rather be proud of the quality of projects his career leads him to and the fantastic characters he has the privilege to portray.

“(Playing horror characters) is what I love, it’s what I do,” Botet said. “I keep working on that because the moment I start doing that I was so happy and so happy everytime I see it on the big screen.”

Characters, especially monsters, stick with viewers and Botet said he hopes to be able to keep playing memorable monsters for as long as he is able to.


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