Producer-Actor Matt O’Neill’s passion for horror grew stronger with project CANDY CORN

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

As “Candy Corn” has reached its audience, producer-actor Matt O’Neill shares his excitement over the opportunity to bring this project to life while taking on two different roles, in front and behind the camera.
"I absolutely loved being part of ‘Candy Corn,’” O’Neill said. “I’m a big fan of the horror genre in general. I kind of grew up on horror movies. I have always been a lover of them. Being a part of this one was special.”
The highly intense movie has a very character driven story which is fast paced and entertaining.

Having been inspired by the script by writer director Josh Hastly, O’Neill took on an acting role and a producing role to make sure the project could be made in the best way possible.

Being a horror fan and a cinephile helped O’Neill recognize just how good this project could be.

Taking on both actor and producer brought about its challenges, but O’Neill did the work he had to.
“It’s challenging (to be an actor-producer). It’s two different sides of the brain,” O’Neill said. “At one point I’m there directing traffic, setting everything up, getting everything going and making phone calls and then I have to turn around and be on set in front of the camera.”
“Candy Corn” pays homage to the slasher film genre as the story is captivating and mixes with scenes of terror.

Being both actor and producer became a major task, but “Candy Corn” was a project O’Neill believed in.

Being a producer went on through filming and beyond as well.
“You're working as a producer around the clock,” O’Neill said. “It’s not until the movie is done and in the can that you get a chance to shut down and visualize what happened.”
With an excellent cast with some notable talent, the acting part was exciting.

O’Neill was thrilled to get to work along side some fan favorite horror actors that were part of the talented cast.
“Really good talent (on this film). We had a great cast. I’m not going to lie. I don’t turn into a fanboy very often, and I’ve gotten to work with a bunch of people in my career so far, but to be there with Tony Todd - the Candyman; and Courtney Gaines, Pancho (Moler) and P.J. Soles... at one point, I’m sitting there on set and they are talking to me. It was one of those 'pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I’m-in-this-room-right-now' moments. It was very cool,” O’Neill said.
“Candy Corn” is available now.

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